Stonecrete Artisans and the Benefits of Concrete

Stonecrete Artisans

Stonecrete Artisans specialize in sculpting concrete to create stunning water features, fire elements, and hardscapes. But what sets them apart is their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.Stonecrete Artisans

There is a renewed focus on sustainability in all aspects of design and construction. One way designers assist with this goal is by using natural stone.

In a time when sustainability is receiving renewed attention in all aspects of design and construction, there is a desire to use materials that are eco-friendly and better for the environment than alternatives. Stone can help meet these goals and is an excellent choice for both commercial and residential projects.

While other masonry materials like brick or concrete can degrade, natural stone stands the test of time. Natural stones like marble and granite are quarried using sustainable practices, including the avoidance of landfill waste by recycling stone discards, as well as reducing energy consumption and water usage during production. Its durability also means that it does not need to be resurfaced, making it less susceptible to damage over time.

Another sustainable practice is the reuse of demolished or surplus materials by recycling them into a new material. This recycled aggregate can be used in place of virgin sand and cement, cutting down on resource usage and saving valuable landfill space. In addition, this process can be certified by the LEED program to earn credits in the Materials and Resources section.

The natural stone industry is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment. For example, it has reduced energy usage during processing and fabrication, as well as minimizing its use of chemicals. In addition, it is working to increase the recyclability of its products by promoting the use of stone veneers, which are a great alternative to traditional wood siding.

In fact, a recent study found that using stone veneers in exterior walls reduces energy usage by up to 50% compared to traditional wood siding. This savings can be especially significant in cold climates, where the insulation value of a building is particularly important.

The PNA (Pietra Naturale Autentica) network, comprising the most representative companies in the Italian stone/techno-stone sector – producers and processors of marbles, granites and natural stone in general, as well as makers of machines, installations, tools and complementarity products – intends to valorize authentically natural stone, at the service of the demands for economic, social and environmental sustainability and ecological transition, as identified by SDG 17 (Partnerships as a Governance Model). The network’s mission is to promote this culture among architects, designers and technical consultants so that stone can be increasingly a part of ideas offered clients.


Unlike brick or concrete, which can pit and crack, stone withstands the elements beautifully. In fact, it is the most durable of all masonry materials and can last for generations with little maintenance. This is because it is a solid material that can resist a range of natural forces and conditions, including erosion and tensile stress. In addition, it can be customised to meet specific project requirements. For example, it can be made stronger or more fluid by adding fibres or plasticisers. It can also be reinforced with steel to add durability and strength.

Stack and carve concrete is an innovative new product that is changing the way people build outdoor concrete structures. It is manufactured in concrete molds and shipped to the jobsite ready to erect saving time and money on the installation process. It can be used to create free-standing walls, pillars and beams in residential or commercial applications.

This system is easy to use, requiring no form support or concrete stacking. It also allows for more customization than traditional concrete. For example, it can be colored with a product like Marbleizer to produce a look suggestive of water-worn rock in a riverbed or patterns found in beach sand at low tide. It can also be stamped and stenciled to make custom designs. In addition, it can be textured with a product called Shotcrete to create a more rugged surface or press shells or stones into it for ornamentation.

This type of foundation repair is much more cost-effective than pouring epoxy or using helical piers. It is also less invasive than digging up and replacing the entire foundation. However, it requires an extended cure time of up to three months and must be protected against moisture damage with a reactive sealer.


Concrete can be used in a variety of projects, from sidewalks and driveways to foundations and retaining walls. It’s an affordable alternative to natural stone and can be customized to meet the needs of your project. It is one of the most durable building materials available and can withstand heavy traffic. It is also fire-resistant and eco-friendly.

In fact, concrete can withstand a wider range of environmental conditions than any other material. It can withstand erosion, tensile stress, compression, and other forces. It is also energy-efficient and can help reduce heating costs. Additionally, it can withstand fire, which is a significant benefit for commercial buildings.

Ben Ashby has created a method for creating bilevel concrete countertops that mimic the patterns of water-worn rock in riverbeds or beach sand at low tide. He holds three-day seminars at his shop in Farr West, Utah and teaches other concrete contractors his techniques. He also sells specialty products that aren’t readily available at local hardware centers. These include an admix that creates the marbleizer effect, as well as other aggregate and colorants. These products help to produce a smoother, more consistent surface than traditional concrete. The result is a beautiful decorative concrete countertop that is durable and visually appealing.


Concrete is one of the most affordable construction materials, especially when used in large commercial projects. It is also durable and has the ability to withstand a variety of natural forces and conditions. In addition, it is an eco-friendly option and provides a high return on investment.

A professional concrete contractor can offer a wide range of services, including patios and walkways, driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, water features, and more. These hardscapes can define outdoor spaces, direct traffic, and create focal points. They can also increase a property’s value.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to repair a foundation, consider hiring a professional to inject epoxy into the cracks. This method can cost between $1,500 and $3,000. In more severe cases, you may need to install steel push or helical piers. These galvanized steel devices are drilled into the ground until they reach bedrock or heavy soil compact enough to support your home. In addition to being a highly versatile material, concrete is easy to maintain and has a long lifespan. It can withstand a variety of environmental factors, including erosion, tensile stress, and compression. It is also resistant to corrosion and fire. It is the strongest of all masonry materials, which makes it an ideal material for commercial use.