Growth Cave Reviews: Is Lucas Lee Tyson a Scam?

Most people think working 9-5 day jobs is the only way to make money. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Growth Cave Reviews offers a course that helps students set up an online marketing agency. The program includes a client acquisition software called ClientBolt and access to a mastermind community. In addition, it offers two live phone calls and email support.

Growth Cave provides digital marketing training and coaching. It offers various courses, including Facebook advertising and lead generation. It also teaches students how to start and run their own digital marketing agency. Its goal is to help people make money from home. The company is based in Its founders include Lucas Lee-Tyson and Ozzie Blessed.

According to the Complaints Board, Growth Cave has received 10 customer complaints, and is rated with 1 out of 5. It is recommended to avoid this program because it may not be reliable. The complaints allege that the program’s coaches and trainers engage in deceptive practices and misrepresent their services. In one complaint, a customer claims that they paid $40,000 for the program and only received three brief Zoom calls and Google slides.

While it’s not technically a scam, Growth Cave is expensive and not very effective. While their free training is helpful, it’s not designed to provide a full A-Z digital marketing education. There are other, more affordable options for local marketing training, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

The Growth Cave program is taught by Lucas-Lee Tyson, a twenty-something digital marketer and multi-millionaire. He started his business with $10 and credit card debt. He has since grown his company to an impressive $300,000 a year. In his YouTube videos, he discusses how to build a successful online business.

His videos and his course have helped thousands of people make money online. However, he warns that it’s important to work hard and be patient. He also emphasizes that it’s essential to build a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

In addition to their Facebook advertising course, Growth Cave also offers a local marketing course and an agency building course. In both courses, you’ll learn how to attract clients and generate leads through social media. In addition to these courses, Growth Cave also provides a bonus package, which includes access to client acquisition software and participation in a mastermind community. They also offer email support and two live phone calls for questions. Those bonuses are subject to change, though.

If you’ve been on social media lately, you may have seen sponsored ads from a guy named Lucas Lee Tyson. He’s built up a decent following by promoting his digital marketing company, Growth Cave. But is it a scam? You can find out by reading some Growth Cave reviews.

Some of the most important factors in evaluating an online business opportunity include its legitimacy, reputation, and customer support. Unfortunately, Growth Cave has received a number of complaints. Many customers have reported that the company’s claims are misleading and false. In addition, their customer service department has been slow to respond to complaints.

One complaint on the Complaints Board alleges that Growth Cave used deceptive advertising to lure a customer into a $40,000 program. The customer claims that they did not receive the results they expected from the course. They also complained about the lack of transparency from the company, including the use of automated emails to solicit customer feedback.

The Growth Cave program teaches people how to set up a marketing agency that sells lead generation services. It consists of six modules and includes coaching from Lucas Lee Tyson. The website claims that the average person will get five clients within 45 days. The program is available for $1,497 or $6,000, with the Elite program offering more exclusive access to Lucas Lee Tyson.

While the Growth Cave program has a few good points, it may not be right for everyone. It requires a high level of time commitment and a willingness to invest in a business. Many people will find that running a marketing agency is not the right fit for them, and they will need to look for alternative opportunities.

While the Growth Cave program may help people learn digital marketing, it is not a substitute for a college education or experience in the real world. Additionally, the program’s expensive cost and limited refund policy may be a turnoff for many people. Furthermore, the program’s focus on sales and the lack of success stories from members should prompt caution among potential investors.

Despite being a great program, Growth Cave is not for everyone. For starters, it’s quite expensive. The program offers a lot of information for the price, but it is also very complex and requires a large time commitment. In addition to this, the training is not a match for some people’s lifestyle and skillsets. In some cases, other work-from-home jobs and side hustles may be a better fit for their current situation.

Lucas Lee Tyson is the creator of Growth Cave, a local marketing agency that helps small businesses generate leads through Facebook and YouTube ads. He started the company with just $10 in his bank account and massive credit card debt, but he has since grown it to one of the biggest providers of digital marketing training on YouTube and Facebook.

His course is a comprehensive package that includes six courses and a few extras to help you set up a social media marketing agency. It starts with a strategy call, where you can learn how to identify the right niches and connect with clients. It then teaches you how to build a social media marketing agency and generate client leads. Once you’re up and running, the course also includes a series of video tutorials that show you how to create ads and test them.

After you’ve established your agency, the course will teach you how to scale it and grow it to a profit. You’ll also learn how to use software like Loom and Zapier to automate processes in your business. Finally, you’ll get samples of strategy calls that Lucas holds with his clients to close deals.

The course’s content is valuable, but it is important to remember that this type of make-money program is not for everyone. Many people join these types of programs expecting to buy results, but they often fail because they don’t have the skills or resources to implement the strategies. In addition, many people are not comfortable putting themselves in front of a camera and are not willing to invest a large amount of time into their businesses.

The speaker warns viewers to be wary of the promises and lack of support in the Lucas Lee Tyson program (Growth Cave). Although he acknowledges that the course has valuable information on using YouTube ads, he criticizes its focus on selling and its absence of success stories from members. In addition, the program requires a significant investment of time and money to achieve results, which may not be worth it for everyone.

The Growth Cave program teaches students how to run Facebook ads and use YouTube videos to promote products and services. The website also offers free introductory training. However, the free training is not comprehensive and may not provide all of the skills necessary to start a digital marketing agency.

In order to succeed with the program, students must have a niche and a sellable product. They must also be able to attract customers and close sales over the phone. This requires a strong camera presence and speaking ability, as well as sales skills and likability. In addition, it is essential to have a good team and a system for attracting leads.

Aside from the video content, Growth Cave offers several other resources to help users start their own business. These include a mastermind community, email support, and two live phone calls. Additionally, the course includes ClientBolt, a client acquisition software. The mastermind community is an excellent way to network with other marketers and share ideas. The program is also reasonably priced, but the price can be high for some people.

While there is a growing number of companies that provide this type of coaching, the most important thing to remember is that it’s not for everyone. Many people find that running a digital marketing agency is not the right fit for their personality and skill set. In these cases, it’s better to seek out other alternatives, such as affiliate marketing. There are many different ways to make money online, so finding one that is the best fit for you will take some time and research. Once you’ve found the right opportunity, it will be easier to get started.